Discover Asia! Thailand/India

Discover Asia is an expedition-based program that will take you from steamy jungles of Thailand to jagged edges of the Indian Himalayas. We will be traveling as a group to rural villages and ancient cities. You will be exposed to Asia’s incredible diversity of culture and environment, facilitating an experience of the many different ways of being human. It is designed to provide both group support and structure, while allowing time for personal exploration, discovery, and research. Along our journey we will be staying with local communities, sharing their experiences and helping with community development projects. We will be working with:

  • Thais in Erawan National Forest, Thailand
  • Karen outside of Mae Sot, Thailand
  • Indians in Sarnath, India
  • Tibetans in Dharamsala, India

CSC_0283 (2)We are looking for students who thrive on a balance of academic field research, volunteer work and personal discovery. If this is you, join us next winter in Asia!

Key Features

  • Learn about South and Southeast Asian culture, history and religion.
  • Travel to rural villages and ancient cities
  • Experience the incredible diversity of cultures and environments in Asia
  • Service learning opportunities through local community development projects
  • Trek in the jungles of Thailand and the Himalayas of India
  • Field studies in a variety of disciplines, including: anthropology, education, environmental studies, economics, political science, and philosophy/religion

Program Fees


DSC00979This is a comprehensive fee that includes:

  • Round trip airfare from Seattle to Bangkok
  • Round trip airfare from Bangkok to Kolkata
  • Daily living expenses (food, lodging)
  • In-country transportation
  • Admissions (temples, parks, etc.)
  • Trek and other excursions
  • Travel health insurance
  • WWU administrative fees
  • Course materials
  • Group medical supplies

It does not include:

  • Visa
  • Immunizations/personal medical expenses
  • Independent travel

Thailand Overview

India Overview

Dhauladhar TrekCourse Syllabus

Frequently Asked Questions

Application and Payment Schedule

Discover Asia! Thailand & India 2014 Information Packet